Are products all Eco-friendly? Yes all products are reusable so therefore are all Eco-friendly!
How long do the products last? Since the majority of products are made from natural materials such as  bamboo, they won't last forever however if cared for correctly they will last long term.
Can I put products in the dishwasher? Yes but to increase their lifespan, hand wash is recommended.
Can I put products in the microwave? Microwaving products is not recommended as it can damage the product, however Coconut bowls have lasted in the microwave when tested!
Can products be used commercially? Of course! Contact us to find out how.
What do you mean a seed will be planted if I purchase a straw? BeeEco's mission is to create reusable products for customers to use to help increase their knowledge and decrease their plastic usage. This mission was created to help sustain and protect our earth, therefore for every straw that is purchased a seed of a native plant will be planted to increase awareness and increase the amount of natural flora our planet needs.
Are your products made from sustainable materials? Yes, we source from only sustainable coconut and bamboo farms. For more information on how great, fast growing and sustainable bamboo is have a browse on this fantastic website!
Shipping and Packaging
All Products are packaged 100% plastic free. We ship in satchels from a company called Hero Packaging. They make their satchels out of all plant based materials which makes them compostable.
There is popcorn in my parcel? Yes there is! Some items may be packaged with popcorn used as a bubble wrap alternative, weird? actually no! This technique was actually used years ago when mail post first started. It got taken over by the plastic industry when polystyrene was invented. Although it looks delicious, please no not eat the popcorn, even though it is made fresh, it won't be fresh by the time it arrives to your house.
What about the other packaging? Everything that is wrapped up is 100% plastic free. Material is 100% cotton and is recycled or pre-loved.
What bout your business cards? Business cards are made from 100% recycled paper so no further trees were harmed during the process!
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Feel free to flick us an email if you have any questions or what to know more! Our email is: hello@beeeco.com.au
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