Sailing eco-friendly

Did you know that sailing is a great way to live eco-friendly?

Not only are you living onboard your vessel, you are also almost completely “off the grid”.

You might be following my sailing adventure travels on BeeEco’s Instagram. I have been helping crew a 43ft yacht from Coomera, QLD to Beauty Point, TAS - I’m totally inspired by the eco-friendly ways of sailing life.


Here are my top 5 favorite reasons why sailing makes a positive impact on the environment:

  1. We make our own power! Most yachts are equipped with solar panels which generates around 20amps per hour. The yacht I’m sailing generates solar and wind energy from a wind turbine, which makes an additional 15amps per hour. Power is stored in batteries then used when required.

  1. We make our own water! Through the power of osmosis, a filter turns salt water into drinkable H2O – pretty cool. The water maker is ran from the renewable energy we create from wind and sun.


  1. We sail using the wind – no emissions from nasty fuel!


  1. Waste at sea is minimal - everything we take on board basically stays on board, so shopping with minimal plastic packaging is a must. Organics are best (like fruit and veg, bread etc.), but they do perish quickly, so must be used first then left overs (peels, skins etc.) are disposed of at sea. Sewage can also be disposed at sea when 2 nautical miles offshore and everything else is kept onboard until we get back to land. When provisioning for sea, the more prepared you are, the easier it is to minimise your plastic usage.


  1. Bathing in the ocean - Keeping clean is easy when the ocean is your daily shower. The water is starting to get a little colder as we head to southern NSW but saving on water is easy with natures bath at your doorstep.


The yacht’s skipper is soon to invest in some BeeEco Coconut bowls, and something called “GoSun” which is an oven that generates heat to cook from the power of the sun.

Have a squiz at SunGo's website to learn more about solor ovens here

Keep following BeeEco on Instagram to see how else we are living as minimalists whilst on board.

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BeeEco Sailing Bee

I’d love to know how you travel eco-friendly! Leave your comments below. 

Bee x 

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