Coconut Bowls

Coconut milk, coconut aminos, coconut oil… But what about coconut shells?

Coconuts are used in an abundance of ways but what happens to the left overs? BeeEco turns them into coconut bowls!

Our coconut shells are sourced from sustainable coconut farms in Sri Lanka and polished and turned into coconut bowls. Nothing artificial just 100% natural coconut fibre!

What else makes you go nuts for BeeEco’s coconut bowls? They are strong, durable and can be used in replace of plastic bowls and ceramic bowls, meaning you are saving the planet with every purchase. Plus, they look great and are much more durable than your average bowl which is more than likely going to break if you drop it – ours bounce.

We have personally tested the durability of the bowls, and yes they have survived being microwaved, used as a soccer ball and washed multiple times in the dishwasher. There are hard to break!

At BeeEco, we use our coconut bowls to store lose vegetables in the fridge, eat oats out of, serve taco ingredients in, keep jewelry in and make incredible, insta-worthy smoothie bowls.

Our weekly smoothie bowl is uploaded on our Instagram and website's recipes page every Monday, be sure to check them out! You can have a look at what we have already made by clicking here.

Happy coconutting!

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