Coconut Bowl Care

How to care for your Coconut Bowl

Caring for your bowl is easy! Because BeeEco coconut bowls are made from only natural coconut fiber, they only need a little natural love.

Your coconut bowls are pretty easy to look after, and if done right, will last a for a long time.

Re-polish your coconut bowls with a plant based oil after 20 uses to maintain their natural shine.

coconut bowls ecofriendly reusable

This can be done by rubbing some coconut oil into the inside and outside of the shell using baking paper. If you don’t have coconut oil (then you probably should get some because it is such a great product), you can also use flaxseed oil or a similar plant-based oil.

Make sure you rub the oil in well or you’ll get things a little greasy and your food might taste a little coco-nutty. Not that that is a bad thing if you like coconut!

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Happy coconut bowling,

Bee x

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