7 Ways to Reduce Your Waste When Flying

The captain has now switched off the seat belt sign, please feel free to open up a plastic cutlery set, use this blanket wrapped in plastic whilst we offer you a glass of water in a plastic cup...

Air travel is really convenient however, the volume of plastic waste in the aviation world is astounding. According to the International Air Transport Association on average each person accounts for approximately 1.4kg of plastic waste per flight. Not to mention the carbon emissions produced.  Every  hour of  flying produces approximately 90kg of CO2 per person… That’s a lot!

Thankfully, planes are getting more and more Eco-friendly with less C02 being produced thanks to engineering and more airlines reducing and even removing plastic waste altogether.

Here are some tips that I use to reduce my environmental impact when traveling by air:

  1. Car pool/get public transport to and from the airport – If your airport is a bit of a drive try to get public transport or carpool as it saves travel emissions.
  2. Take your own snacks in reusable containers – a lot of plastic from flights comes from packaging, you can help decrease your waste on a flight by bringing making your own snacks and bringing them along. I like to bring nut mixes, homemade healthy slices and fruit (watch out on quarantine though if fruit is prohibited.
  3. Take your own drink bottle. Save on plastic water cups and bottles. Don’t forget with international travel that you need to empty your drink bottle before customs, you can always fill it up right before the gate!
  4. Take your own reusable coffee cup. Reusable coffee cups can be used for all beverages, not just coffee. I use mine to get a nice large red wine on international travel (you always get a little extra when you byo cup)
  5. Take your own utensils - BeeEco has a great set of bamboo utensils that are plane safe, you can shop them here. If you can, try not to accept the disposable utensils in the first place because often they will throw them out even if you haven’t used them.
  6. Get your boarding pass on your phone – saves a paper ticket being printed, if you can’t avoid it you can always reuse your paper ticket as a bookmark.
  7. Tick yes to carbon offset – it is only like a dollar - you were going to spend that on snacks anyway.

Try these tips on your next flight!

Happy travelling,

Bee x


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