10 Easy Eco Swaps


To celebrate the start of plastic free July, I thought I’d make a list of 10 easy swaps you can do to minimize your plastic usage.

Why not take the challenge and pick one or maybe even all of these eco swaps throughout the whole of July?

  1. Reusable coffee cups

My personal favourite is my Huskee Coffee Cup made from recycled coffee husks. My challenge is if I forget my cup, I miss out on my coffee! No exceptions!

  1. Buy bread in a paper bag

A lot of bakeries or markets will sell bread in paper bags or if they don’t, take your own for them to put the loaf in, then seal in a container when you get home.  Avoid buying bread in plastic from supermarkets.

  1. Switch Straws

Get yourself a BeeEco reusable straw! Or say no altogether if it isn’t necessary. Don’t forget that straws help protect your teeth from harsh beverages!

  1. Reuse take away containers

Take away containers are a big contributor to the plastic crisis. If you do get take away, reuse your containers for food and storage. Plastic literally can last thousands of years so make the most of it.

Or just dine in, no take away containers necessary! Sometimes I take my own take away containers with me for if I don’t finish my meal.

  1. Reusable shopping bags

Leave them by the door. My challenge is, if I forget them, I only buy what I can carry in my arms!

  1. Use your glass jars

Glass jars are the best for storing nuts, dried fruit, seeds etc in your pantry. Reuse all your glass jars as storage. I sometimes use glass jars as coffee cups if I forget my reusable take way cup.

  1. Stop wrapping in plastic

You don’t need plastic wrap, you can use wax wraps, silicone zip lock bags or store food in your reused take away containers!

  1. Stop buying plastic clothes

Check my blog on plastic clothes and the micro plastics that are released into the oceans when you wash them. Best way is to buy pure fabric like cotton or bamboo.

  1. Get a reusable drink bottle

Super easy switch! Cause everyone drinks water and drinking from plastic bottles tastes kinda weird right?

  1. Say no to plastic cutlery

I recently did a beach clean with Sea Shepherd in Tasmania and was shocked to see the amount of plastic forks! You can check out the Marine Debris Campaign here or see stats at Tangaroablue.

 If you do get take way, take your own knife and fork. Some places like noodle box sell their noodles in cardboard (recyclable) so do your part and get some reusable cutlery. BeeEco sells a great pack with chopsticks, a straw and all! Check them out here.


Well done if you have already implemented these simple changes into your life, and goodluck with your own Plastic Free July challenges.

Bee x

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